Ostrand Angus Ranch, owned and operated by Kory & Danielle, is located south of Ansley in the rolling hills of Custer County. The ranch has been in the Ostrand family since 1884, when Kory’s Great-Great-Grandparents, August and Caroline Ostrand, came from Sweden and registered their homestead near Mason City.

Kory is the 5th generation raising cattle and farming on the Ostrand Ranch.  Kory purchased his first registered Angus heifer from Boyles Angus when he was 9 years old. He grew his herd by purchasing additional females from the money he received from his 4-H projects. In 2001, Kory held his first bull sale at Huss Livestock Market in Kearney, while still in high school. He continued to manage and grow his cow herd while attending college. Kory graduated from Southeast Community College in Beatrice in 2005.  Following graduation, he moved back to the ranch to continue farming and ranching as the 5th generation.  Kory’s registered purebred herd grew in 2012 when Ostrand Angus had the opportunity to purchase the mature cow herd from Slagle Angus. And again in 2019, Ostrand Angus was blessed with the opportunity to carry on the Slagle Angus reputation with the passing of Mark Slagle that Spring by buying the rest of Slagle’s cows and heifers.

Kory and Danielle have four children. Their son, Brexton, is 8 years old. Twin girls, Avery & Olivia, are 6 years old. The newest ranch hand, Merrik, is 2 years old. The children all have a beginning to their own registered Angus herd as each one was given a heifer when they were born.  Ostrand Angus believes that ranching and farming is a family heritage. Not only does Kory work on the ranch, but Danielle and the children actively help where they can. Kory is a partner on the ranch with his father, Neil Ostrand, who runs a commercial Angus herd. Kory’s Aunt Kathy Ostrand, Cousin Chris Hogg, brother-in-law Seth Behrens, and grandfather, Keith Hogg, also play important roles on the ranch and Ostrand Angus.

Presently, the breeding program includes 500 registered Angus cows and 100 registered Angus bred heifers. Along with marketing yearling Angus bulls and registered yearling replacement heifers through the annual production sale, the steers mates to the bulls are finished at the Ostrand ranch where they receive individual carcass data to reassure their cattle have excellent carcass merit.


Kory and Danielle have set several goals for the operation, including continuing to raise their family and cattle on the family history of land/agriculture on the ranch, with their children continuing the legacy as the 6th generation of the Ostrand family. They plan to continue to breed and market top cattle in the Angus industry, as well as increase the ET work done in the cattle herd. They also look forward to beginning 4-H with their children, where it all began for Kory.


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